Making of Mame-TV

Contents of this page is still under working at July 2017.
Additional information will be added later.

What is Mame-TV?

Small media player that looks like a retro television.

It is planned as a consumer product with small amount.
(Yes, it is garage product.)

I am preparing to launch in this autumn.

Highlights and Functions

Very small! Maybe it is the smallest kind of video player with realistic appearance.

Its screen size is 0.96 inch. Overall width and height is 3.3cm and 4cm.
OLED is bright and high on contrast.

It runs stand-alone with rechargeable internal battery.
Video contents are stored in microSD.


What is that for?

You may use it as you like.

・Playing with other miniatures.
・Demonstration or eye-catching at a store front.
・Just viewing your favorite contents!
(You need Windows PC to put desired contents)