Overview of TinyArcade and TinyScreen+

Introduction to TinyCircuits’ product.

Left:TinyArcade       Right:TinyScreen+


Very small gaming console that looks like an old arcade-machine.
This is the all-in-one type kit which contains acrylic frames, joystick, speaker, battery etc.
It is convenient that two games has been already installed and you can play them instantly after you got that.
If you want to add other games, just put binary image of program to the microSD card.
The package and most of its handling process is highly sophisticated.
Price $59.95  →Official description


This is more likely as an electronic component than TinyArcade, packed with air-cushion sheet at delivery,
You additionally need a battery and desirable shield to use it.
‘Flappy Bird’ is preloaded on the board, although you should connect it to Windows PC as Arduino device and be reprogrammed for right purpose.
Price : $39.95(Board only) →Official description


Those products have different character although their processors are same.
TinyArcade is highly sophisticated package with reasonable price.
TinyScreen+ is exceptionally small platform and has versatility to perform various electronic application.
Choose it on your demand.

There is not full compatibility of program-code between them.
Some modification is required when it comes to i/o access like hardware buttons.

They are both very fantastic product indeed.
However, it seems not so popular in Japan, especially compared to Adafruit’s products.
Challenging spirit is welcome due to lack of sufficient information, we’re gonna make it run cool!

< Just one good news for Japanese users >
There is the site of TinyArcade which describes various technical tips and knowledge made by kuran_kuran.
He is making original games on TinyArcade. Great job!
 Link→kuran_kuran TinyArcade page

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